Carnival Glass: The Best Of The Best by Bill Edwards & Mike Carwile

Format: Hardcover, 208 pages

Publisher: Collector Books, October, 2003

ISBN: 1574323474

(Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)

Identification Guide to Rare and Unusual Pieces.

The authors have gathered the rare, the unusual, and the expensive glass, so very desirable to collectors and so very attractive to newcomers. For the first time, readers may view items that only rarely come out of private collections and almost never go on public auction. Collectors will marvel at the more than 450 full-color pieces, whether they are scarce due to availability, shape, or color. Organized alphabetically by pattern, the book features items in standard shapes as well as whimsey pieces. The latest book to come from the writing team of Edwards & Carwile truly does feature the - best of the best - in the carnival collecting world, and readers will enjoy perusing this coffee table book.

*PLEASE NOTE: This book is a special purchase from the publisher. It is a Remainder book and as such, is offered here at a reduced price. The normal price of this book is $29.95 for the book, not including postage!*


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