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World of Discus #I DVDR - King Of The Amazon - History and Care by Heiko Bleher

Publisher: Aquapress


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Heiko Bleher presents everything you wanted to know about Discus: It's legend and symbol of fertility to the Tucano Indians, from the past to the present. It's growing popularity during the last Century. No fish has been so often talked or written about, and appreciated as much as the Discus, "The King of the Amazon". Endemic to the General Amazon region, far away from civilisation, the Aristocrat (given name) inhabits the most unusual biotopes. The "World of Discus" covers the history and care of this unique creature. World leading experts in the field have helped to compile this mass of information. 59 minutes of the best professional photography, interviews with world experts in collecting, breeding and maintaining Discus. Professors of Limnology, Parasitology and Chemistry are interviewed. Discus dealers, food and nutrition experts are also consulted. This is the first in a series about this graceful and majestic creature - "The King of the Amazon"! Produced by Heiko Bleher. Camera, Sound and Director: Heiko Bleher and Horst Linke.


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