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World of Discus #3 DVDR - Pioneer Of Modern Discus Breeding - Manfred Gobel by Heiko Bleher

Publisher: Aquapress


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This third DVDR from the series "The world of Discus" brings to you Manfred Gobel from Germany - the pioneer of modern discus breeding. For decades this unusual man has raised Discus and improved the keeping and breeding of them like no other man. His integrity and advanced filtration system is unmatched. Manfred Gobel shows us in this interview with Heiko Bleher, his secrets and his methods of successful modern Discus breeding and raising. It does not only involve the history, but also the future outlook of the World of Discus. Produced by Heiko Bleher. Camera, Sound and Director: Heiko Bleher and Horst Linke.


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