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Schmidt-Focke's Discus Book by Dr. Eduard Schmidt-Focke (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)

Format: Hardcover, 143 pages

Publisher: TFH, June, 1990

ISBN: 0866220771

The best expert on discus is undoubtedly Dr. Eduard Schmidt-Focke of Germany. Now the man who popularized the discus in Europe and bred some of the most acclaimed color strains of all, Dr. Eduard Schmidt-Focke, reveals his secrets. He does not hold anything back in the fascinating and useful narrative of this coffee-table size book loaded with hundreds of full-color photos. Not only did he produce the world`s first fancy discus color varieties, but he also taught us how to keep and breed discus. In this wonderful book are stories about how different color varieties were developed, how to avert the pitfalls of poisoned water, poisoned fish food, diseases of discus, and other problem areas. Specific topics include discus variants, sexing wild discus, discus foods, raising babies artificially and profiles of international discus personalities. He even tells you what to expect when you cross certain discus together. Perhaps the most exciting aspects of this book are the wonderful color photographs, but for the thoughtful discus breeder, Dr. Schmidt-Focke`s tantalizing tales of success with discus will be inspiring.


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