Freshwater Aquarium

Indian Ornamental Fishes Volume 1 by Heiko Bleher (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)

Format: Hardcover, 848 pages

Publisher: Aquapress Bleher, 2018

ISBN: 978890973697

History, Distribution, Habitats and chemical water parameters of Indian Fishes.

Included is a detailed account of the most important fishes for the ornamental aquarium hobby

India’s Fishes, their beauty and uniqueness is shown in this book as never before in history.

Contains listing of approximately 500 inland species including all Indian members of the families: Ophichthidae, Muraenidae, Moringuidae, Notopteridae, Clupeidae, Botiidae, Cobitidae, Baltoridae, Nemacheilidae, Psilorhynchidae, and Cyprinidae.


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