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Hypancistrus sp. L 236: A Legend in the Catfish Hobby by Hans-Georg Evers

Format: Hardcover, 167 pages

Publisher: Fish magazine Taiwan

ISBN: 978-986-97406-7-8

Language: English/Chinese

$65.00 (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)

The South-American continent is home to more than 1000 different species and forms of the large catfish family Loricariidae (order Siluriformes). All the members of the biggest subfamily, the Hypostominae, are simply called “plecos” (an abbreviation of the now invalid scientific name “Plecostomus” that was used in the early days of the catfish hobby and later on – following the results of scientific research – got synonymized with the older generic name Hypostomus). For more than 30 years the plecos of the genus Hypancistrus have probably been the most popular loricariids in the aquarium hobby.


Foreword Introduction and acknowledgements

The species -How it all began?

The genus Hypancistrus

What is L236?

The biotope:

The Central Brazilian Shield

The middle Rio Xingu

The King Tiger pleco

Where does L236 live?

The aquarium:

The tank set up

Water and food

Tank mates

Reproduction in the aquarium

Basics History of the “super white” and other strains

Pleco farming

Raising the fry

L236 Captive bred in Taiwan

L333 Captive bred in Taiwan

Other Hypancistrus species captive bred in Taiwan


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