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Fishes of Sahul Volume 33. 2019 (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)

Format: Softcover, 151 pages

Publisher: Australia New Guinea Fishes Association, 2019

ISBN: FOS Volume 33

Fishes of Sahul 2019 is the publication of the Australia New Guinea Fishes Association.

Volume 33. High quality hardcopy A4 edition

Fishes of Sahul Volume 33 is a single A4 size hardcopy edition. The four Fishes of Sahul editions published digitally in 2019 contained many wonderful articles accompanied by a lot of fantastic photographs. See below for the complete list of articles. Now you can have a copy for your collection, your library, as a gift, or just to enjoy at your leisure.

Tappin, A.R. & O’Reilly' L. Radical Rhads, the amazing Ornate Rainbowfish!

Lamin, C., Unmack, P.J. & Scharpf, C. Fish in foscus: Western Pygmy Perch Nannoperca vittata (Percichthyidae).

Scharpf, C. Fishes of Sahul: an etymological survey (part 2).

Martin, K. & Barclay, S. McCulloch’s Rainbowfish Melanotaenia maccullochi (Melanotaeniidae) in the Queensland Wet Tropics.

Tappin, A.R. Briggs, G., Stanton, M., Unmack, P.J. & Scharpf, C. Fish in focus: Pygmy Rainbowfish Melanotaenia pygmaea (Melanotaeniidae).

Lenegan, J. Cairns to Weipa and back, through a new lens: the Gobioides. Part 1.

Shoesmith, D, Romanowksi, N., Briggs, G., Unmack, P.J. & Scharpf, C. Fish in focus: Spotted Galaxias Galaxias truttaceus (Galaxiidae).

Amick, P.K. The Himalayan Snow Trout (Schizothorax richardsonii) is doing the unintended in Papua New Guinean rivers.

Hammer, M. One becomes three: research behind the naming of two new dwarf rainbowfishes in the Melanotaenia maccullochi species complex.


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