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Fishes of Sahul Volume 32. 2018 (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)

Format: Softcover, 145 pages

Publisher: Australia New Guinea Fishes Association, 2018

ISBN: FOS Volume 32

Fishes of Sahul 2018 is the publication of the Australia New Guinea Fishes Association.

Volume 32. High quality hardcopy A4 edition

Fishes of Sahul Volume 32 is a single A4 size hardcopy edition. The four Fishes of Sahul editions published digitally in 2018 contained many wonderful articles accompanied by a lot of fantastic photographs. See below for the complete list of articles. Now you can have a copy for your collection, your library, as a gift, or just to enjoy at your leisure.

Shoesmith, D. An ANGFA insight into the freshwater fishes of New Zealand.

Inbun, B.Y. & Smith, P.T. Recent developments at Lake Kutubu: impacts on the fish and the Foe people.

Wilson, D., Hammer, M. & Scharpf, C. Fish in focus: Wilson’s Mangrove goby Mugilogobius wilsoni (Gobiidae).

Scharpf, C. Fishes of Sahul: an etymological survey (part 1).

Martin, K. & Barclay, S. The story of the Daintree Rainbowfish (Cairnsichthys bitaeniatus), Australia’s newest rainbowfish species.

Briggs, G., Sambell, B., Wilson, D., Martin, K. & Hansen, B. & Scharpf, C. Fish in focus: Seven-spot Archerfish Toxotes chatareus (Toxotidae).

Hammer, M. & Duguid. A. Fishes in Australia’s Red Centre.

Unmack, P.J. Rains of fishes: real or myth in Outback Australia.

Mossop, K. & Moran, N. Surviving in the desert: how behaviour enables the Desert Goby to persist.

Kerezsy, A. Where had they come from? Understanding fish migrations in a desert river.

Briggs, G., Unmack, P.J., Hammer, M. & Scharpf, C. Fish in focus: Central Australian Mogurnda species (Eleotridae).

Graf, J. & Lange, G. Another trip to West Papua.

Martin, K. The Cairns Rainbowfish Cairnsichthys rhombosomoides (Melanotaeniidae): distribution patterns and conservation status.

Blake, R. Hermaphroditism or plain male? Two apparent female Eastern Rainbowfish Melanotaenia splendida splendida producing fry.


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