Freshwater Aquarium

Aquarium Systems Micro-Jet 450 Pump (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)

Publisher: Aquarium Systems


This miniaturised pump runs silently and maintenance-free. Its motor, which has a self-protection device in the event of overheating, consumes very little energy. Its flowrate can be adjusted.

The Micro-Jet submersible aquarium pumps design combines small size, adjustable flow rate, and exceptional pumping capacity, to create a pump that can be completely submerged - making it the best choice to fit into sumps or reservoirs. The unique cord arrangement and suction cup support permits vertical installation in small compartments, so it is ideal for small fountains or waterfalls. Micro-Jet's features make it the perfect pump for use in reef aquariums to create water currents.

This micro-pump is ideal for aquariums, vivariums, fountains and other decorations. 170-450 litres/hour.


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