Freshwater Aquarium

Aqualog: Mini - My Angelfish by Frank Schaefer (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)

Format: Softcover, 69 pages

Publisher: Aqualog, February 2003

ISBN: 393602720X

The peculiar body shape and the behaviour of angelfish have always attracted aquarium keepers. Although the fish have been scientifically known since 1823, it was not until 1911 that the fish became available to the hobby. In the beginning breeding caused tremendous difficulties, but nowadays many different colour varieties are on the market - virtually one for every taste. Besides body shape and colouration, the behaviour is very interesting. When angels are kept properly and in sufficient space, one can always expect to witness reproduction behaviour. Nothing is more fascinating for a dedicated hobbyist, or for children with an interest in natural history. This Mini lets you know how a angel tank should look, which plants to choose, water quality for angels, proper food, behaviour, reproduction and breeding of colour varieties. There is also a section on their relatives in nature. This book is fully illustrated throughout with full-color photographs.

With the Minis, Aqualog has started a complete new concept. Smaller sized books (19.8 x 20.2 cm), specially written for beginners and advanced aquarists alike, with superb photographs (just like the familiar Aqualog books), and with up-to-date aquaristic information (also like the familiar Aqualog books).


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