Showing Your Dog by Juliette Cunliffe, Ann Hearn & Dr. Robert Pollet

Format: Softcover, 125 pages

Publisher: Kennel Club Books, December 2004

ISBN: 1593783981

(Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.) 

Here's your passport to the world of showing dogs! Showing Your Dog is an international "how-to" book introducing dog lovers to conformation shows on every continent. Written by three world-acclaimed authorities, judges and handlers, this remarkable new book provides not only their collective insight into the sport of showing dogs but also a step-by-step guide to becoming involved and succeeding in dog shows. Fanciers couldn't ask for three more qualified mentors: Juliette Cunliffe: British dog show judge and author of many canine books, is joined by American Kennel Club judge and breeder Ann Hearn and Belgian canine specialist Dr. Robert Pollet, a renowned international judge.

Showing Your Dog outlines what's required to become a successful handler, how to select, train, and condition a budding show dog for the ring, how to finish a champion, how to campaign a winning dog and much more. Furthermore, the books details the main three systems used around the world for exhibiting dogs in conformation shows, those of American Kennel Club, the English Kennel Club and the Federation Cynologique Internationale. As air travel and the relaxation of quarantine restrictions have made dog owners consider a more international career for their dogs, this book is the perfect visa to the world of showing dogs. Whether the reader is an experienced handler or a dog lover who's just considering stepping into the show ring for the first time, Showing Your Dog will lead you in the right direction = closer and closer to your first Best in Show award!


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