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Aqualog Special: Magnificent Flowers for the Garden Pond

Gutjahr, Axel

Aqualog Special: Magnificent Flowers for the Garden Pond by Gutjahr, Axel
Format: Hardcover, 64 pages
Publisher: Aqualog, May 2005
ISBN: 3936027706
$34.00 (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)


A garden pond only becomes a feast for the eyes with loads of plants in and around the water. Lots of people arenít satisfied with a garden pond that livens up the landscape from spring to fall with fresh green shades alone. It should display plenty of bright splashes of color as well. This is mainly provided by the flowers of a wide variety of marsh and aquatic plants. Species ideally suited for cultivation in and around the garden pond include numerous representatives of the iris and primula families, and of course the waterlilies. All provide a fantastic floral display. The skilful combination of members of these families can be used to ensure that from March to September there are always flowers in and around the pond, with the intervening greenery providing an attractive color contrast. For the past 20 years Axel Gutjahr has been heavily involved with garden ponds, with a particular interest in plants. In this book he not only presents these plants through beautiful color photos and text, but also provides valuable hints on their siting and cultivation requirements, and thus the basis for the successful setup of a garden pond. This book is an explosion of colors with over 110 high quality photos scattered throughout.