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Tanganika Magazyn #18

edited by Dr. Marta Mierzeńska

Tanganika Magazyn #18 by edited by Dr. Marta Mierzeńska
Format: Softcover, 132 pages
Publisher: Tanganika MAGAZYN, June 2016
ISBN: Tanganika 18
$30.00 (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)


The new issue of Tanganika Magazyn is a special Tropheus issue, but it also contains two additional articles on different topics. In the opening article by a Zambian exporter, the author is looking back on the years as an ornamental fish exporter from Lake Tanganyika, sharing some of his anecdotes from the lake. The different underwater habitats of Lake Tanganyika are overviewed in the informative article "Biotopes of Lake Tanganyika", in which examples of cichlid species that these habitats accommodate, are given all through the article. Featured are three interlinked articles about the genus Tropheus. Each article focuses on one out of six newly identified varieties in southern Tanzania. The issue contains 120 pictures of Tropheus, of which nearly all are captured underwater in, or at the shores of, Lake Tanganyika. Most of the pictures have never before been published. Included are several colour-drawings of Tropheus variants, so-called illustrative types. Associated topics discussed in the articles are the definition of a species, hybridisation, and conservation breeding. All articles are in English, as well as Polish.