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Labyrinth Fish World

Horst Linke

Labyrinth Fish World by Horst Linke
Format: Hardcover, 577 pages
Publisher: Fish Magazine Taiwan, 2014
ISBN: 9868452775
$125.00 (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)


During the author's travels he has discovered many new species of labyrinth fishes, he was able to bring them back for the aquarium for the very first time. He has also revisited almost all the past discovery areas of known species, and was sometimes very disappointed to see the original biotopes completely destroyed. One good example is the Parosphromenus species biotope disappearance that triggered a worldwide conservation program to save these species.
In this book the author has tried to present all the species known to and described by science up to 2012, not least because the number has increased enormously over the past decades. Most of the fish names are based on the original descriptions, even though the spelling is not always correct in the view of various current scientists.
We hope that this book, containing the author's biotope studies, over 1,760 color photographs, and all the suggestions for optimal maintenance, will contribute to the conservation of the host of colorful and extremely interesting labyrinth fishes.
The author Horst Linke has been involved in the aquarium hobby since early childhood. His first study animals included fighting fishes and other labyrinth fishes, and these remain the focus of his interest from the 1950's to the present day.
This book is considered to be the "bible" of the labyrinth fishes literature.
With over 1,760 color photographs, 577 pages, large format 12' X 9'X 1.5', hardcover, this book is a real life achievement.