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Bleher's Biotopes

Heiko Bleher

Bleher's Biotopes by Heiko Bleher
Format: Hardcover, 460 pages
Publisher: Aquapress, October 2014
ISBN: 8890973625
$130.00 (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)


The book has thousands of photos; it includes the description of about 50 countries and the status of their aquatic environment today, including detailed description of 500+ rivers and lakes with approximately 2500 fish species mentioned and shown (with many new ones), and nearly 500 different aquatic plant names. Heiko also mentions the taxonomic problem of some names and gives GPS data on almost all biotope locations, the years of visit, and when he discovered the species and/or introduced it. This book contains histories and field records of nearly half of the 910 field trips Heiko Bleher has taken, shows the worldwide destruction of aquatic habitats - past and present - and records many species extinct in nature because of mans endless pollution, damming, destroying the basis of all life forms: The freshwaters. This book is a timeless document for today's and for future generations; a definite must for anyone who wants to know about aquatic nature past and present.