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Bottle of Genuine 24CT Gold Flakes

Bottle of Genuine 24CT Gold Flakes by
Publisher: Stonebridge
ISBN: Stone2
$13.00 (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)


This would make an unusual gift. It is a bottle of Brazilian Golden Flakes suspended in water in a glass bottle. It is approx 4cm tall x approx 3cm maximum diameter.
This is a really cool little bauble. It is a small glass bottle filled with pure 24 kt. gold leaf flakes suspended in a liquid matrix. The top can be unscrewed (there is an inner cork), and a thin cord can be placed inside the lid to make the bottle into a pendant. You could also simply tie a cord around the top of the bottle. Hanging near a window, the light catches the sparkly gold. This would look really sweet displayed on a shelf, and it makes a great gift too. A must for any geology fan! The glass bottle is approx 4cm (1 3/4") tall and has a gold-colored plastic screw-on lid.