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How To Use Diamond Abrasives To Cut Gemstones

Riggle, Arthur L.

How To Use Diamond Abrasives To Cut Gemstones by Riggle, Arthur L.
Format: Softcover, 30 pages
Publisher: Gem Guides Book Company, 1996
ISBN: 0910652309
$10.00 (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)


Whether you are an experienced gem cutter or are a beginner interested in getting into the fascinating hobby (or profession) of lapidary, important considerations are the convenience and efficiency of the abrasives you use. These attributes are found in the use of diamond abrasives for the sawing, grinding, sanding, smoothing and polishing of gemstones. The "diamond way" is fast, clean and cool. Diamond lapidary equipment is compact, an important consideration for those with limited space. Not so long ago few of these abrasives were available to gem cutters and lapidary hobbyists, but modern technology has blessed lapidaries with a wide variety of diamond machinery, accessories and supplies.
How To Use Diamond Abrasives shows you how to use diamond abrasives and equipment to cut cabochons and flat stones. Several methods are covered so you may select from those which best fit your needs and work for you. This book will show you how to use the various types of diamond abrasives to cut beautiful gemstones and display pieces with a maximum of enjoyment, convenience and cleanliness.