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Anomalocaris Plush Toy

Anomalocaris Plush Toy by
Publisher: Paleo Pals, 2015
$60.00 (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)


This life-sized high quality soft sculpture of Anomalocaris canadensis is lovingly designed with data from original fossils. Andy the Anomalocaris’s charming weirdness makes it an intriguing and delightful companion to the infinitely curious.

* This enigmatic critter is 20″ inches of huggable fun
*Andy the Anomalocaris is intended for junior paleontologists ages 4 +

Paleo Pals bring to the surface the many wonderful animals of Earth’s paleontological history that have been eclipsed by prehistoric celebrities such as T-Rex and other dinosaurs. These plush toys exemplify educational play while maintaining a high degree of scientific accuracy, and most importantly FUN! Paleo Pals ™ are great for classrooms, rock hounds, and budding paleontologists alike.

Anomalocaris canadensis: first described in 1892 by British-Canadian paleontologist Joseph Frederick Whiteaves. The most notable specimens were retrieved from the Burgess Shale in Yoho National Park, Canada. Several early paleontologists investigating the fossils mistakenly took distinct parts of the organism, (the mouth, pincers, and tail) and categorized them as three separate animals. Growing between 1 and 3 feet long, this intriguing relative of arthropods hails from the Cambrian period, about 508 million years ago. Believed to be one of the world’s first apex predators, it would have used its pineapple-shaped mouth to crush or suck unsuspecting victims into its gut. This odd yet endearing critter continues to puzzle and amaze the scientific world.