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Prehistoric Mammals of Nepal

Ramesh Shrestha

Prehistoric Mammals of Nepal by Ramesh Shrestha
Format: Softcover, 114 pages
Publisher: Natural History Museum Kathmandu, Nepal., July 2015
ISBN: 9937296724
$35.00 (Includes Shipping to Canada or the U.S.)


**First Edition - Limited to 500 Copies**

In Nepal, some 26 different types of Prehistoric Mammals are known to have existed, which are evidenced by the discovery of fossilised body parts that were revealed in different parts of the country by various paleontologists since a long time. The area of the present-day Nepal was covered by Tethys Sea (Ocean), which extended along the full length of the Asian continent in the late Paleozoic era before the separate Indian plate collided with the Eurasian plate tectonically. The fossil findings of plants and animals from Nepal are best understood in the context of the geological history of the Himalayas and its close proximity areas.
Natural History Museum, Swayambhu has an extensive collection of fossilised animal body parts that were discovered in various parts of Nepal over the last few decades. This book deals with these fossils with chapters on: tectonic formation of Nepal, Geologic timetable, Cenozoic Era, origin and evolution of mammals, and 26 ancient mammals that were found in the ancient lands of Nepal, in one single volume.

About the author:
Professor Ramesh Shrestha, Ph.D. was appointed the Chief of Natural History Museum, Institute of Science and Technology, Tribhuvan University in July 2013. He has been teaching Zoology and Ecology for the last 20 years at the Central Department of Zoology, Tribhuvan Iniversity. His main interests are holistic subjects of Wildlife Ecology, Protected Area Ecotourism, Climatology, Paleontology, etc. Besides these, he has contributed in the fields of Philately and Numismatics.